Test Status: Inconclusive

Result Interpretation:

This status indicates that a test was able to be performed, but the result did not meet the diagnostic criteria for either a positive or negative result. The test subject should have a new sample collected as soon as possible for re-testing.

Likely Cause:

Generally, the reason why there is not enough material/specimen is usually attributed to how the sample was collected. For best results, we recommend the test subject try blowing their nose immediately before collection and swabbing for a longer period of time (15 sec) to make sure enough material is collected on the swab.

General Laboratory Actions:

Generally, at least two attempts at extraction and analysis will be performed by the testing laboratory.  If there is not enough detectable control genetic material in the patient sample, an inconclusive result is reported.  This indicates that the test cannot confidently be determined as positive or negative for SARS-CoV-2 and re-collection and re-testing is advised.