Why am I being asked about my sex at birth?

Brio strives to respect everyone’s gender and sex, and we know both gender and sex are more diverse than two options; however due to the nature of the overall healthcare industry, we are bound by third-party providers’ limited data offerings and because of this, we are required to identify some records as Male/Female only. 

In healthcare, the definition of sex is used as the biological attributes including chromosomes (generally XX for female and XY for male), sex organs, and endogenous hormonal profiles. 
Gender refers to socially constructed and enacted roles and behaviors which occur in a historical and cultural context and vary across societies and over time. 

We assure you that your information will not be displayed on your profile and your demographic information will only be shared with the lab who is required to have this information per some state regulations, as well as CLIA certified/and or accreditations required by labs.